Monday, February 20, 2017

Na Hoku Meet David Huyck (Via Skype That Is!)

Na Hoku had a chance to meet illustrator David Huyck during World Read Aloud Day. Not only did they get a chance to meet him, but they got a chance to draw alongside him! How cool is that?!
David shared with us that the first book he illustrated was a graphic novel called One Spooky Night. Since it was about Halloween, he decided to make a mini comic book to hand out to trick-or-treaters that year. The class wishes they could have gone trick-or-treating at his house that year!

David then read to use If Kids Ruled the World. Before he started though, he shared with us that he sneaks frogs into everyone of the books he illustrates. It turns out he also drew his dad and grandma into the book. He even snuck in a drawing that his daughter had made for him. How cool is that!
Then it was time for us to get our very own drawing lessons from David! Talk about lucky! The kids raced to get their clipboards, paper and pencils and got ready to learn how to make a monkey from his book Manners Are Not For Monkeys. He made it so easy for us to follow along step by step. This is how we started.
Our pictures turned out amazing!
David then asked to name some animals. We shouted out, "Cheetah!" "Dog!" "Bird!" "Elephant!" "Monkey!" Then he asked us to name some jobs, "Doctor!" "Basketball Player" "Dentist!" "Illustrator!" He then took all of our ideas and created a new creature right there on the spot! We were blown away! Some of the kids created right alongside him.

We had so many questions for David. We found out that his favorite part of illustrating is thinking about what the character will look like. He prefers to draw with pencils, your average, ordinary, everyday number 2 pencil that we all have. The tip of the pencil allows him to make tiny marks or thick marks. It allows him to draw anywhere at anytime and never crashes or needs to be plugged in. Beaver Pond by Alvin Tresselt is one of his favorite books. We discovered he is working on two books ideas. We are super excited about that.
He LOVES toast! Why? Because what's better than warm bread with melted butter dripping into the holes? His favorite type of toast is a rye caraway seed toast. 
He has visited 49 of the 50 states. Which was hasn't he visited? Ours!
Our final question: In Hawaii we love to eat shave ice. If you could choose an author or an illustrator to eat it with, who would it be? Shel Silverstein because he is kind of nuts and makes funny and cuckoo drawings.
Thank you so much David for spending time with us. We had an absolute blast meeting you and drawing with you! We hope we can do it again someday.

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