Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Na O'opu Meet Adam Lehrhaupt (Via Skype That Is!)

According to Adam Lehrhaupt,"Cookies fuel the writing process," especially Double Stuff Oreos. Did you know that Adam Lehrhaupt likes to write while sitting on his couch with lemonade and Double Stuff Oreos nearby? He'll write a word like, "princess" on his iPad, sit back, look at his word with great pride and then have an Oreo to reward himself. It's information like this that had Na O'opu laughing throughout their Skype visit with Adam.

Adam read his latest book  I Will Not Eat You to us. The kids were super excited about this especially since they had only gotten to see a trailer for it prior to our Skype session. We couldn't believe that he had to rewrite it 28 times before it became a book! We also learned a very important lesson from the book, "Don't poke a dragon!"

We had a bazillion questions to Adam. We wanted to know all sorts of things like, "What is your favorite book to read out loud to your sons?" Where the Wild Things Are, which was met with a lot of, "I love that book!" We had predicted that he had named one of his dogs Puck because he loves hockey. It turns out, his sons named him that because they love hockey, but he likes to tell people he was named after Puck from A Midsummer's Night Dream. We also know that his dog Thor is weird but that Puck is crazy, stealing shoes and running away with them.
The class was dying to know where Zoe was going on her next adventure. It turns out, she is heading to school but we have to wait until June to see how that adventure goes. As the kids and I had been getting ready for our Skype, I had shown the kids a picture of Adam reading WARNING Do Not Open This Book! to a monkey. They wondered why he was doing such a crazy thing. You can find out why in the video below.

We ended our time together with one final question: "We love shave ice here in Hawaii, if you could have shave ice with an author, who would you go with?" He chose two authors, Stephen King and Mac Barnett. 
Thank you so much Adam for spending time with us this afternoon and making us all laugh. We had a blast.

Wanna hear more from Adam? Why not listen to the Let's Get Busy podcast featuring Adam and illustrator Matthew Fortsythe talking about Please Open This Book!

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