Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Dragonflies and Mindful Musubi Meet Mara Rockliff (Via Skype That Is!)

For the last few weeks, the Dragonflies, Mindful Musubi and I have been talking about biographies and looking specifically at some of the books written by Mara Rockliff. They were super excited to find out that they were going to be meeting her via Skype.

The children loved seeing not only a picture of Mara when she was their age, but also learning about her teddy bear Theodore. She shared with us that she would tell stories to Theodore at night as they lay in bed and make up adventures that they had been on. The kids were blown away to learn that Theodore was as old as she was!
We discovered that as a child she loved reading books like The Great Brain and Betsy-Tacy and Tib because the characters lived so differently than we do. For example their bathrooms weren't inside their houses and that the children were allowed to buy whole bags of candy, instead of just one piece.
We had a ton of questions for Mara and she graciously answered each one of them. We found out that she gets excited to learn about people that others haven't heard of or who may have been forgotten over time. She feels like a detective as she is learning about them. She shared with us that she is currently writing about Martha Gellhorn, a reporter who she described as someone who was very caring, brave and fought for justice and believed in fairness. We can't wait to read it!
We discovered that she doesn't have any plans to write more books under her pen name, Lewis B. Montgomery. We also know that she has a dog named Daisy who was out for a walk during our Skype call. The children also had a chance to share with Mara some of the people they had read about in biographies that they thought were interesting. Almost all of them had to do with food!
Thank you Mara for spending time with us this morning. The children and I learned so much from our time together.

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