Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Dragonflies Meet Anica Mrose Rissi (Via Skype That Is!)

"AWESOME!" shouted a second grader when we ended our Skype session this morning. The Dragonflies had a chance to meet author Anica Mrose Rissi for World Read Aloud Day. They were lucky enough to get an ultra sneak peek of the upcoming Anna, Banana, and the Little Lost Kitten. Anica read them the first chapter entitled, "Just My Luck." We loved it and can't wait to read the whole book in May!
Anica shared with us that her brother would call her Lou and she would call him Chuck, which is why she named Anna's brother that. We also learned that she spent two years writing the first Anna, Banana book. She shared that she would show the book to her friends and get their thoughts on it. One friend would tell her one thing about the character Sadie and another would tell her something completely different about Sadie. Very confusing!
The class was excited to ask Anica questions. They wanted to know where she did her writing. The answer? You'll have to watch the video below.
This class is fascinated by pen names and we discovered that Anica wrote
under a pen name for Everything Pirate. The kids asked her what she liked better, writing picture books or writing chapter books. She likes them both for different reasons. She likes chapter books because she really gets to know the characters and it's fun to write about them. She likes finishing the words in picture books, giving it to an illustrator to create the pictures and getting to see the pictures for the first time. She has two picture books coming out, one young adult book and is writing a sixth Anna, Banana.
We had a chance to meet her dog Arugula who is an 8 1/2 year old long legged hound mutt. There were a lot of "Ahhhhh"s when they met him. Our final question, "In Hawaii, we love to eat shave ice. If you could eat shave ice with any author who would it be?" Her pick? She had two. One was Natalie Babbitt. She has two copies of her book Search for Delicious. She also would invite Abby Hanlon, author of the Dory Fantasmagory series because her books are so funny.
As our Skype was ending, I let the class know that they had received a package from Anica. They loved their signed bookmarks, especially the paw print O's!
Thank you Anica for a fabulous Skype session. The kids and I enjoyed our time with you this morning.

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