Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Gecko's and Na Kukui Meet Jess Keating (Via Skype That Is!)

The Gecko's and Na Kukui had a chance to meet author and zoologist Jess Keating during World Read Aloud Day. Our Skype session was filled with "Ewwww," "Yuck!" "Cool!" "That's gross!" and "No Way!" which for a second and third grader equates to the best Skype session possible. I mean who doesn't want to know that sea cucumbers breathe out of their butts? We love these kinds of facts!
Jess blew us away with amazing animal fact after amazing animal fact from her not yet  published book What Makes a Monster? She wowed us with facts about the Japanese Giant Hornet, the Aye Aye and the Wolverine Frog. You will be as blown away as we were when you learn about these animals. Here's a tiny bit of information about the Assassin Bug.
The loudest and biggest "Ewww's" came when she told us all about the Tyrant King Leech. You are going to have to wait until August to read what Jess told us about it. It will make you scream in disgust and awe too! She explained to us that she tells us about these animals because she wants us to know that just because an animal may be gross or disgusting, doesn't mean it's dangerous. 

Jess shared with us that the most dangerous animals that she has encountered are sharks, skunks and a wolf one day when she was out hiking. She told us that these animals really don't want to hurt us. Wolves are her favorite animal. The coolest thing about a wolf is that when the parents are away, they will make sure there are other adults wolves there to babysit the younger wolves. Her second favorite animal is a blobfish which has a parasite coming out of it's mouth (cue the eeew's!).
Jess also LOVES popcorn! She eats it 1-2 times a week with her favorite flavors being plain white cheddar. But she also loves Chicago mix. We had a chance to see some of her plasticine art, which is just amazing and incredibly realistic. She is currently working on one that is a wolf. 
Our final question: In Hawaii we love to eat shave ice. If you could invite an author to eat shave ice with you, who would you pick? She choose J.K. Rowling because she has a lot of questions for her.
Thank you so much Jess for spending time with us and sharing amazingly cool and disgusting animal facts with us. We had a great time with you and forever fans were created that day.

Jess has also created some amazing videos full of crazy cool animal facts. You can watch them on her youtube channel: Animals for Smart People
You can also hear more about Pink is for Blobfish  on the Let's Get Busy podcast.

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