Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Sea Stars Meet Julie Falatko (Via Skype That Is!)

"What a privilege that was!" shouted one of the second graders after we ended our Skype call with Julie Falatko. I couldn't agree with them more. We had the best time with Julie this morning!

We were lucky enough to start our call with a sneak peek of the new Snappsy book, Snappsy the Alligator and His Best Friend Forever (Probably). We LOVED it! The kids could not believe that they were getting to see this book months before other kids were. We know some secrets about it, but our lips are sealed and you'll have to wait until October to discover them yourself. She shared with us that she has another book series coming out soon, but our lips are super duper sealed about that project. She is really excited about it and we are too!

We were excited to ask Julie some questions. One the questions we had for her was about ideas and how she came up with the idea for Snappsy. We had no idea that she had to rewrite to 25 times! Sometimes the revisions were small, just a word or two, but others were much more.

We had a chance to see her writing space, which used to be a porch that she has now enclosed. It has huge windows to see outside which is great since she gets a lot of her ideas from the outdoors. She loves to read picture books to her kids and is reading Henry and Ribsy to them right now! She named her daughter after a favorite book character, Ramona Quimby. We even had a chance to meet Ramona since she was at home enjoying a snow day. Lucky her! 
Since it is Valentine's Day we had to find out what her favorite Valentine treat is and it's chocolate! 
Our final question: We love shave ice here in Hawaii, if you could have shave ice with an author, who would you go with? She quickly answered, "Beverly Cleary!"

When our Skype session as over, the kids were dying to learn how to draw Snappsy. We followed along with this great video by Tim Miller. Our Snappsy turned out super cute!
Thank you so much Julie for Skyping with us. We had a blast!

Wanna hear more from Julie and Snappsy? Listen to the Let's Get Busy Podcast and hear from both Julie and Snappsy illustrator Tim Miller.

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