Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Seahorses Meet Monica Carnesi (Via Skype That Is!)

The Seahorses had a chance to meet author/illustrator Monica Carnesi during World Read Aloud Day. They loved having a chance to hear her read Little Dog Lost. It turns out she first heard about the story while listening a news program and the story really stuck with her because it was about kindness and courage. She also shared with us some photographs of the original rescue of Baltic and shared a bit about the rescue. We had no idea that they searched for Baltic's owner, putting the story on the Polish news, but they never found them. 
Monica shared with us that she lost count how many times she wrote and rewrote Little Dog Lost, but she knows it was at least 25 times. What was great is that she learned something every time that she rewrote it. She had to redo the pictures over again too, as many as 5-10 times! We also discovered that while pictures and words usually come at the same time for her, when it came to Little Dog Lost, the words came first since she had to do some research.
Monica began writing stories in first grade for herself and her family. She loved drawing, reading and books. 
We asked her what it felt like to be an author. Here is what she said.
We found out that she is working on her 3rd book right now. While the ideas are still forming, we know it is about cats. We had a chance to see some of the beginning pictures. How cool is that?!
It was then time for our final question. In Hawaii we like to eat shave ice. If you could eat shave ice with any author, who would it be? She chose David Ezra Stein because they are both author/illustrators, she loves his illustrations and they both wrote books about hibernation. 

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