Monday, March 27, 2017

Our Hearts Are Like A Zoo Too!

As The Explorers and I were getting ready for our Skype visit with Michael Hall (read all about it here) we shared the book My Heart is Like a Zoo. We fell in love with all the heart animals that he had created and decided to create our own heart animals.
We explored hearts of all sizes, colors, tried cutting them in half, rearranging them and making various animals before settling on our favorites. The animals turned out amazing and were all so incredibly different that just had to find a way to share them with others.
The kids got out their iPads and began to take photographs of their heart art. Those pictures were put into Explain Everything. They had to think of how they wanted to describe their animals, just like Michael Hall had done in his book and then add that text to their pictures. Recording their descriptions was next.  It took them a little while to record them as this was their first time using microphones on their headphones to record. After a few takes, we were done! You can watch the final product here.

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