Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Geckos and Sea Stars Meet Matt Tavares (Via Skype That Is!)

The Geckos and Sea Stars were super excited to meet Matt Tavares since we had been talking about biographies and had been looking closely at the ones he had done on various baseball players.
They were beside themselves though when he said,  "It's 10* degrees here today." We then had to share with him how hot, sunny, sticky and voggy it is here. Some of the kids were ready to join him in the cold.

Matt shared with us that he is proudest of his book Zachary's Ball. It started off as a senior project and he spent an entire year working on it. Once he was done he decided to try and have it published. They had him re-work it and he spent another 6 months on it. He shared that for some of his books he writes 20 drafts! We wondered how long it took him to make hi illustrations and paintings because they are so amazing.  

The Red Sox are his favorite team. Growing up outside of Boston they are just a part of who he is and he loved going to games as a kid with his dad. The kids love his baseball biographies and wanted to know more about them. They were especially curious to find out  how he decides which players to write about. You can watch his answer below.
The kids were dying to know who the next player he was going to write about would be. It turns out he doesn't have anyone in mind! 
Matt did share that he has always wanted to do a biography about Jackie Robinson, but hasn't discovered something out about him that others haven't already written about. 

We got to see proofs of his new book that is coming out in September called Red and Lulu. It is about two cardinals in New York City. The pictures are just beautiful. The kids were excited that they were getting a sneak peek and were shouting out the names of the New York sites that they were seeing. He then showed us a draft of a book he is currently working on. We saw how he prints out the story and then does some quick sketches on the sides about what he thinks he might draw. Super cool.

What does he like to do in his spare time? He loves to spend time hanging out with his daughters, playing basketball, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, getting outside, drawing and painting.  
Finally, we had to ask, "In Hawaii we love to eat shave ice. If you could eat shave ice with any author or illustrator who would it be?" Chris Van Allsburg! He has never met him and has been spending a lot of time recently looking to his books for inspiration.
Thank you for spending time with us Matt. We had a great time learning with you. We can't wait for the quesadilla's your wife promised to make us to arrive in the mail!

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