Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Fantastic Foxes and Shooting Stars Meet Lauren Trashis (Via Skype That Is!)

The Fantastic Foxes and Shooting Stars are huge fans of the I Survived series, so when they found out that they were going to have a chance to meet Lauren Tarshis they were beside themselves. Our Skype began in a whisper as Lauren was sneaking out of a meeting and down the hallway to her office at Storyworks. The kids loved this!
Once she was in her office, the questions been to fly. We wanted to know all sorts of things, including which I Survived  was the hardest to write. It is her latest one, which she had just finished the day before we met her! It is about the American Revolution. She shared that it was challenging because she knew so little about it and had no idea that the biggest battle had been in Brooklyn. She spent a year on the book, reading 33 books, watching dvd's, speaking to experts. Here's a sneak peek of the cover!
When we asked how she comes up with the characters she shared that she originally thought that her children and their friends would be the inspiration. She quickly realized that she had to build them from scratch, that they were like Lego's and you had millions of pieces that you had to put together and then take apart. All the characters also have to start with a  problem, a really bad problem. But by going through the events they are going through, they will get back to what they missed and closer to their family.
We know that Lauren likes to visit the places she is writing about. She says it's exciting to go to places that she already knows a little bit about. She loved visiting Joplin, Missouri. She was asked by the people of Joplin to write about the tornado, she became very attached to the city and visited twice. One of the kids asked where she would want to visit if she were writing a new book about World War One. The answer is below.
What other cool things did we learn? People send book ideas suggestions to her all the time. She looks at what time periods and events she has already written about and looks to see if there are any gaps. She likes to go back and forth between natural disasters and war related events. She also looks for events that we should know about, but are also fascinating. She usually spends 6 months on a book. She wants the readers of her books to go on a journey through time, where they hear what the cannons or muskets sounded like and smell the pork cooking over a campfire. Even though her dad was a writer and wrote non-fiction, Lauren never thought she would be a writer. We are so grateful that she did.
Thank you Lauren for sneaking out of your meeting to meet with us. You inspired us!

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