Friday, April 28, 2017

Walking and Listening to "Fuzzy"

Fuzzy  by Tom Angleberger and Paul Dillinger
Recorded Books
4 hours, 33 minutes

Narrator: Erin Moon

Max is absolutely beside herself, a robot will be coming to their school. Sure, there are already several robots at her school. There's a robot vice principal, a robot librarian, but this new robot, this one is special. This robot, Fuzzy, will be joining as a student, the first robot student to attend any school, anywhere. However, when she comes to face to face with him, he collapses and crashes down to the ground. Not exactly the first impression she had in mind. Before he collapsed though, Fuzzy had seen how Max had navigated the hallways to get to him, and was so impressed that he and the members of the Robot Integration Program ask for her help. Thrilled to be helping, Max and Fuzzy go just about everywhere together. Unfortunately, this is getting Max into trouble. You see, Vice Principal Barbara is watching and listening to everyone at every possible second, issuing d-tags for any and all infractions and instantly notifying your parents of what you did. Walk down to the hallway without permission, d-tag. Late for class by a millisecond, d-tag. Max is racking them up left and right. To make matters worse, she is failing the weekly upgrade tests all students are required to take. Max is completely confused by this, she is studying, she feels confident taking the tests and week after week she fails. Fuzzy is concerned too. But, after scanning her most recent test and seeing that she only answered one question incorrectly, he is sure things are turning around for her. Sadly, they are not and Max's most recent test score come back at 62%. Fuzzy is determined to get to the bottom of this. He better hurry though, because the Robot Integration Program has other plans for him.

This is a fun book. It has everything in it that kids love, it has some humor, some intrigue, friendship, robots, a robot showdown, and a glimpse as to what the future could possibly be like. Erin Moon does a great job of character vocalization, making each one distinct so the listener can easily identify them. She kept the story moving along at a nice pace. I personally enjoyed the shout out to Mr. Schu I mean who wouldn't want a character named after them?! Sign me up for that!

The stephanotis is in full bloom on my walks.

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