Saturday, April 8, 2017

We Met Author & Doodler Booki Vivat (IN PERSON THAT IS!)

The fourth graders and I were beyond excited to meet author and doodler Booki Vivat! Not only did we get to meet her IN PERSON, but we got to share ideas for doodles, asked her a bazillion questions, saw some of her planners, had a chance to hear her read the first chapter of Frazzled and some of us even had a chance to eat lunch with her. Needless to say, we had the best time!

Booki started off by sharing with us a little about what Frazzled was about.
We then played a game of True or False with her to learn what she and her main character Abbie have in common. I hate to brag, but we were expert drum rollers! During the game we got some writing tips. Did you know that if you write about something you love, people begin to give you that thing? Booki shared with us that she loved pastries, just like Abbie, and after reading her book people realized how much she loved them and gave her pastry after pastry for her birthday! What a genius idea!
We were able to see how her art all began, going back to kindergarten! She then shared how 
it transformed to doodles that she sent back and forth in notes to her friends.
We learned how her school planner transformed from a place to write down homework assignments to what they are today and how that got her a book deal! We are so glad it did!
Booki then talked to us about how she decides what she is going to draw for each of the pages and how she decides what it is in the story that she wants to highlight. She discussed with us the different ways she shares Abbie's emotions. We were then able to pick some emotions that Abbie would feel, shared different scenarios and Booki began to draw.
It was amazing to see her work! She shared with us that she loves to write never-ending h's. She says that she keeps waiting for her editor to tell her that she's made too many, but they never do, so she just keeps making them. The students thought that was hilarious.
These are just a handful of the finished pieces. The classroom teachers fought over who was going to get which picture to hang in their classroom.
What else did we learn from Booki? The best day of her life was when she got her book deal. She has spilled soup in her backpack and would trade gummy worms during lunchtime with other kids for things in their lunches. She loves to watch tv and movies and travel. She has written parts of the first two Frazzled books while on vacation in tropical places (Thailand and Hawaii). We got a sneak peek of the next Frazzled book. Can you figure out what it is about? We had some pretty wild ideas.
During our time with Booki, some of the fourth grade students were able to eat lunch with her. Since it was such a small group they were able to draw with her and really examine her planner. She had the kids write down a word (basketball, swimming, fishing) and then draw two emotions to go with it. It was neat to see what the kids drew while she was writing and drawing her own. Here are some pictures from our luncheon.
Thank you so much Booki for spending so much time with us. We loved meeting you, hearing about your books and drawing with you. You have inspired us all to write and doodle. 

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