Sunday, June 11, 2017

Walking and Listening to "Shadow Magic"

Shadow Magic by Joshua Khan
Recorded Books
9 hours and 48 minutes
Narrator Ramon de Ocampo

When Thorn left home to find his father there is no way he could have predicted that he would become a slave, be sold to an executioner, ride the back of a giant bat, become friends with royalty and find himself wrapped up in a mystery. That is exactly what happened to him and then some.  How does all of this happen? Well, Thorn has no choice but to go with Tyburn, the executioner, once he is sold to Gehenna, where the House of Shadows rules. Shortly after arriving to Castle Gloom an engagement party is thrown for twelve year old Lily who is being forced to marry Gabriel from the House of Light. After refusing to dance with her future husband, Lily's dog accidentally drinks a poisonous drink intended for Lily and dies. Tyburn is convinced that the poisoner is the who he has been hunting for months and is behind the murder of Lily's parents and brother. Lily and Thorn have their own suspect and set out to to get to the bottom of it. They better hurry before another attempt on Lily's life is made.

I enjoyed listening to this story. Ramon de Ocampo's narration was great and held my attention. He kept the story moving along with his pacing and had great character vocalizations, all of which were very different and easily distinguishable. I think that kids will also enjoy listening to this dark fantasy story. If they are a bit squeamish, they may have a hard time listening to the description of zombies though, but it doesn't last that long.

Paddling season has begun and the canoes are in full force.

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