Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Walking and Listening to "as brave as you"

as brave as you by Jason Reynolds
Simon and Schuster Audio
7 hours and 2 minutes

Narrator: Guy Lockard

Spending your summer with your grandparents in the Virginia countryside isn't high on many people's list of fun things to do. That is exactly what is happening to Ernie and Genie though, as their parents are heading out on a trip to try and save their marriage. From the moment they arrive, Genie is unsure of the situation, questions flood his brain and he makes misstep after misstep. But even with all of that going on, he is having the time of his life, learning about country life, exploring and building an amazing relationship with his grandfather. Soon what seemed like would be forever turns into a summer neither boy will soon forget.

I hate to say this, but when I first saw this book I wasn't drawn to it. The cover didn't scream, "Pick me up and read me!" The cover also gave me the false impression that it was a historical fiction book, which I like but wasn't in the mood for. But once I saw that it was by Jason Reynolds, I decided to give it a whirl and I am so glad that I did. I loved this book. There are humorous aspects to it, honest and touching moments and was one of those books I wanted to go on forever. I enjoyed watching the relationship unfold between Genie and Grandpa and seeing how much they each grew from their time together and seeing what they gained from their relationship. I loved Genie's questions. He would drive me crazy if he was my kid, but as a reader I loved the non-stop flow of them.

I have listened to quite a few books narrated by Guy Lockhard and I love his narration. His voice is very expressive, honest and pulls you in. The voices that he chooses for each of the characters are amazing and match their personalities beautifully. Listen to this book!

I was walking to pick-up my car from getting repaired and went by this construction wall, covered in sign language.